1. Alexander88207

    [GNOME] Disable automatic hibernation

    I have seen that the GNOME desktop try's to go into hibernation after a small AFK time. The problem is that i comeback with a frozen system and i dont need hibernation either. Unfortunately this is can not be disabled in the gnome-control-center. I have used gsettings directly instead to...
  2. M

    FreeBSD and the state of Suspend-to-Disk / Hibernation (STD/S4OS)?

    The FreeBSD Wiki says: The FreeBSD Manual explains Suspend/Resume and mentions S4BIOS and S4OS, but doesn't tell any more. So I assume this is still valid, no Suspend-to-Disk (STD/S4OS) available in FreeBSD? I have already tried, acpiconf -s 4 seemingly puts my laptop into hibernation, but...