1. rwv37

    Installing for a usually-keyboardless/monitorless system with GELI password required on boot?

    For years now, I've been setting up my FreeBSD servers with GELI encrypting nearly the entire disk (except for boot stuff). Long ago I did this manually, but in recent years I've been letting the standard FreeBSD installer process do it for me. When the machine powers up, it boots as far as...
  2. Andrew Pennebaker

    Headless VirtualBox guest additions?

    Is there a smaller edition of the VirtualBox guest additions for headless mode, that doesn't require X11, LLVM, Perl, and Python? I'm trying to shrink a FreeBSD virtual machine from 1GB+ to something more space efficient for servers.
  3. Vega Alpha

    Efficient Remote Desktop On Headless System

    I want to run X aware client applications, in a jail on my headless FreeNAS Mini displaying a desktop on my Windows computer running a X server. I have installed Xming on my Windows system but I don't know what to do in a FreeNAS jail. I know I'm done with this task when I see a KDE (or Gnome...