1. 3301

    Other VSCode + haskell-language-server + ghc

    VSCode with haskell-plugin and haskell-language-server seems to be not working - I can't see any hints even for trivial cases. Is there any problem between VSCode and lsp servers/providers? Same setup based on Emacs (doom) works just fine. Is there anyone using VSCode with lsp even with other...
  2. NapoleonWils0n

    Solved What happened to xmonad-contrib and some other gripes

    xmonad-contrib seems to have been removed from ports and packages along with a lot of other haskell stuff I wondered why xmonad wouldnt start after upgrading, then i realized it was because xmonad-contrib had gone walkabout I came across this thread and this caught my eye "Ports for Haskell...