hardware compatibility

  1. F

    Report on FreeBSD 14.0 Compatibility with Beelink Ser5 AMD Ryzen 5 5560U Mini PC

    Hi, I just had an opportunity to install FreeBSD 14.0 on my new Mini PC. I decided to share results with the community. Specs: Mini PC Beelink SER5 5560U, integrated Radeon GPU (Cezanne Radeon Vega). Ram 16 GB SSD 512 GB. Works: The system works well, GPU drivers installed by using SCFB...
  2. rwv37

    Using actual, raw FreeBSD as the OS on TrueNAS hardware?

    I'm looking to replace an old NAS, and started looking into TrueNAS (the OS(es)). I haven't yet come across any compelling reason why I shouldn't just use FreeBSD instead. However, while investigating that, I noticed that TrueNAS also makes actual computers, and I kind of like what I've seen of...