1. Spity

    Reboot/Shutdown missing

    Hi. when I open a tty (Ctrl + Alt + F2 for example) the option to shutdown / restart in the Gnome menu disappears. And I can only restart or shutdown via terminal.
  2. PacketMan

    How to shutdown/reboot the cleanest possible way

    This, from a different discussion, reminded me that I wanted to ask a question ages ago, but never got around to asking. A long time ago I did a basic UNIX course, on System V I think it was, and the instructor said "do a sync before you shutdown, this will ensure disk cache is written out"...
  3. S

    System stops responding and repeats a message about the mouse

    I'm running FreeBSD 10.2 with all latest updates in core and ports. I'm using the stock kernel. I connected two USB 3 external HDDs (to USB 2 ports) and used a rsync to sync the data from one drive (UFS) to the other (NTFS). I let it run the whole night. When I woke up I couldn't ssh...