1. M

    Which way to go for automounting removable media in KDE5?

    So the FreeBSD Handbook and KDE Community Wiki still tell that hald is required for KDE5 to handle automounting of removable media, although there are other solutions like autofs mentioned in the handbook, automount or dsbmd. Then there are references to kf5-solid with bsdisks as well. Since...
  2. S

    Solved Building minimal X, Do I need HAL anymore?

    Wikipedia: "HAL is now deprecated on most Linux distributions and on FreeBSD." I'm building minimal xorg/dwm wm to HP Thin Client t610 and some old instructions tell to add hald_enable="YES" and dbus_enable="YES" to rc.conf. Is this still valid? Allready installed drm-kmod, dwm and...
  3. Clyde Denton

    Heavy Metal BSD and to HAL with USB

    I've just installed FreeBSD on metal. I've followed the FreeBSD instructions here on HAL and did nano edits on a handful of files. These instructions focused on Gnome, although they seemed general enough. (Should have gone with Gnome, anyway. KDE4 nukes dual monitor settings on reboots.) But...
  4. Kalero

    Other Some questions about installing Lumina Desktop Environment

    Hi, I've read at some pages with instructions for installing Lumina that dbus and hald should be enabled at /etc/rc.conf. Otherwise, in Lumina's FAQ they say Lumina doesn't need any framework like dbus or hald. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of enabling dbus and/or hald at...
  5. amiramix

    Solved Access permisions to cd0 for user

    I am trying to sort out permissions to device cd0 so that sysutils/k3b-kde4 can see the device. For now when it starts it shows error: No optical drive found. When k3b is started as root is sees the device properly. I have all the permissions set up and I can mount cd0 as the user...
  6. Jose Maldonado

    Question over /etc/rc.conf and hald_enable

    Hi everybody, I'm a newcomer at world of FreeBSD, for years I used Debian and Gentoo GNU/Linux, and now my new computer have a FreeBSD desktop with XFCE, and I'm very glad with this OS. My question is for /etc/rc.conf and the option hald_enable="YES", in my readings over installing and...