1. First_Law_of_Unix

    FreeBSD 13.1 is hacked, shutdowns instantly.

    Hello, I'm using an online web app called PenPot to make websites. Using it on Chromium. When I zoom into the components in PenPot, FreeBSD instantly shuts down. Really weird. My FreeBSD is hacked and this is common. There are group of people gangstalking me and hacking into my devices. No...
  2. F

    Solved Core dumps on my /home/username/ !??!?

    Ok so FreeBSD secures memory and makes unreadable to non-root users. But by default FreeBSD comes with "ulimit = unlimited" and I think that can cause to make normal users be able to read other apps memories. No code execution maybe but core dumps can include special informations about...
  3. I

    A possible solution to fix Open vSwitch

    I think I might have solved the Open vSwitch issue that some people have been having (including myself). So, since Open vSwitch was broken for me anyway I decided to do a little "hacking" of the files in the ports tree for OVS. I noticed that the Makefile configures OVS to be built with shared...