1. D

    MATE LibreOffice GTK3 - Black fonts on Dark UI

    I compiled the LibreOffice port with GTK3 support and while it mostly looks fine, there are a few buttons with black text and they seem to be hard-coded with black text. Perhaps there is a way to change them, but I couldn't find anything online. The theme I use is Skeuos on MATE, but any dark...
  2. grahamperrin

    Solved LibreOffice with GTK3

    June 2020: <> the note about instability with GTK3. February 2022...
  3. D

    Other How to change GTK / Qt themes in icewm

    Greetings, I've been using icewm as my window manager of choice for a while now but I can't figure out how to change themes for Gtk2-3 and Qt5. I've tried to use x11-themes/lxappearance and x11-themes/Kvantum respectively but neither one seem to make any changes to their dedicated applications...