1. grahamperrin@

    Solved LibreOffice with GTK3

    June 2020: <> the note about instability with GTK3. February 2022...
  2. D

    KDE file dialog for non-KDE applications

    Continuing from this post, are there KDE-Plasma users here who have managed to get non-KDE applications to use native KDE file dialog? I can not do without Firefox and Libreoffice and both these applications currently use a different file dialog of its own. I have tried...
  3. D

    Other How to change GTK / Qt themes in icewm

    Greetings, I've been using icewm as my window manager of choice for a while now but I can't figure out how to change themes for Gtk2-3 and Qt5. I've tried to use x11-themes/lxappearance and x11-themes/Kvantum respectively but neither one seem to make any changes to their dedicated applications...
  4. del

    Firefox crashes; claims an installed package is missing

    Whenever I try to download a file through the browser, Firefox crashes. Running it in the terminal shows that it throws this error before terminating: GLib-GIO-ERROR **: 20:34:02.694: No GSettings schemas are installed on the system A little research indicates that these schemas can be found...
  5. F

    Solved Oops error after removing Glade

    So I just wanna remove Glade UI design thing and now my gnome not opening and giving "oops something went wrong". So how can I fix? I guess removing glade removed some necessary packages together neither.
  6. A

    Solved Gnome/GTK-free Desktop

    Is it possible to have a Gnome-Free Desktop? Suppose you have a non-Gnome desktop (i3, KDE, etc). Is there any specific program in Gnome project that has no usable alternative in other projects e.g. KDE. What about GTK? For example is there enough Qt-based applications out there, to be able to...
  7. NapoleonWils0n

    Chromium 73 enable dark mode

    Chromium 73 will now use the systems gtk 3 dark theme Open the chromium settings and under Appearance select: Use GTK+ Then quit chromium install a dark gtk3 theme # pkg install gtk-arc-themes create ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini vi ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini enable Adwaita-dark...
  8. abbec

    Color Emojis in GTK+ applications?

    Hi, I am wondering how I would go about getting suppot for colored emojis in GTK+ applications? I have installed a colored emoji font ( and done the fontconfig configuration. Colored emojis work fine in Firefox but in GTK+...
  9. NapoleonWils0n

    installing gtk and qt5 dark themes

    How to install and set up gtk and qt5 dark themes QT5 and GTK are used to create the graphical user interface for applications, they each have there own look which is determined by the theme and icons installed So installing a dark gtk theme wont change the look of qt5 applications like vlc...