1. kr0m

    Solved gstripe adds two devices but only the size of one of them

    I am configuring a gstripe of 2 disks, one of 8TB and another of 4TB, the stripe seems to be created correctly but with reduced size: odyssey # ~> gstripe label -v st0 /dev/ada2 /dev/ada3 Metadata value stored on /dev/ada2. warning: /dev/ada3: only 4000787029504 bytes from 8001563221504 bytes...
  2. GrandAdmiralThrawn

    UFS Question about software RAID-0 with SSDs

    I would like to create a striped RAID-0 made up of four NVMe SSDs. It's for unimportant temporary data, but I need the space and lots of speed would be nice to have as well, so I'd like to use RAID-0 rather than something like JBOD/CONCAT. I would not like to use ZFS, but UFS for a file system...