1. lfm

    opencv python error on cv2.VideoCapture()

    Dear all I'm facing an error when trying to create a VideoCapture object (in this code, associated to device "0" -> /dev/video0) I am running FreeBSD 14. The issue can be reproduced on the current freebsd opencv package (4.6.0), the port and the latest opencv 4.9.0 compiled from sources. I...
  2. B

    Unable to play .m4a files with Rhythmbox or gstreamer

    I am looking to play back my collection of .m4a music files that I've moved over from my old Windows laptop to my FreeBSD laptop. However when I attempt to import them into Rhythmbox, or play them directly with gst-play-1.0. I get error text that ends with: Missing decoder: MPEG-4 AAC...