1. B

    [Feature Request] GRE Tunnel In-bound Key

    Hello, according to a documentation there is implemented out-bound key for GRE Tunnel only. Is it possible to implement the in-bound key? Thanks
  2. F

    GRE/IPIP tunnel for remote AntiDDoS

    Hi guys! I've found two competitors on the market, one with very affordable hardware and another one with expensive products but strong protected against DoS/DDoS attacks. I would like to mix them, getting a powerful dedicated server from 1st and a slow VPS but with AntiDDoS included to use it's...
  3. thomas_l

    Open vSwitch for SDN via GRE/IPSEC tunnel

    Hey FreeBSD people, I'm a long term Linux user who would like to include one or more FreeBSD server into his server infrastructure. Last week I set up a virtual management network via Open vSwitch on my Linux machines. This network connects Linux containers over multiple hosts. The network...