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  1. hakova

    Solved Video playback performance tips

    Hi all, I built a fully up-to-date FreeBSD 13.1 media pc on a Lenovo Thinkpad m900 tiny host. I chose xfce as the DE, due to its lean nature, added Kodi on top and installed google chrome browser in a linux jail using this script to be able to watch Netflix and Amazon Prime. Everything works as...
  2. goshanecr

    How to change power consumption of AMD \ NVidia cards?

    Good day Friends! There is a often situation when PC which acts as server has a minimal video card (NVidia GT710, etc). And all what needs from VCard are - initial setup screens. But when server works that cards are hot, and also I see it stops working. So my question: Is it a way to down...
  3. J

    Solved Kodi performance on FreeBSD 11

    Hello everybody, first of all, I am very new to the FreeBSD world, especially desktop stuff so please excuse me if I ask some dumb question or the solution is obvious. I have recently decided to use FreeBSD for my HTPC. It is really just a simple system with Xfce, firefox, NFS mounted shares...