1. ziomario

    kld_list="i915kms" does not stick on /etc/rc.conf at all.

    Hello. I've added this parameter to /etc/rc.conf : kld_list="i915kms" adding it on the rc.conf file should make the setting permanently,right ? But why,everytime I reboot the PC and I come back to FreeBSD,I should write "kldload i915kms",otherwise Xorg does not start,causing the error...
  2. D

    Blank screen and not turn on

    Hello. I'm using FreeBSD 12.2-RELEASE-p1 with Xorg, GDM and Xfce on my laptop Dell Latitude 3440. Everything works well, except by one detail: everytime i lock the screen and its turn off or it blanks after programed time, I can press any key on keyboard or move the touchpad, but the screen...
  3. Karolson


    Hello All Fresh guy here (First try BSD, just want some this true UNIX feel), but I got one problem. I got Lenovo Y70. I install FreeBSD from usb, all go nice and smooth ,making a 3 partitions (auto from Bsd installer) swap, boot, and /. I am using Grub 2 to boot BSD , i got grub installed on...