gpart resize

  1. Y

    Solved gpart: size '31457274': Invalid argument when trying to resize.

    I am trying to to grow the root partition slice in a 13.1 VHD image with gpart resize -i 4 -s 15G -a 4k ada0 but I get gpart: size '31457274': Invalid argument. I get this same error in single user mode and using livedvd installer. The virtual disk image has been resized to be bigger than 15G...
  2. J

    Solved Increase ZFS-on-root partition size

    I have a FreeBSD 13.0 bhyve VM running on a FreeBSD 13.0 host. Originally, The VM was created with a 64 GB disk but I increased that to 128 GB. When logging into the VM, I see that the disk was indeed resized correctly: root@poudriere01:~ # gpart show -lp => 40 268435440 vtbd0 GPT...
  3. quamenzullo

    UFS Problems with growfs and corrupt GPT in a fresh VirtualBox FreeBSD guest

    Hello everyone, I downloaded the FreeBSD 12.1 vhd from official website and used it to create a guest FreeBSD in VirtualBox. When run at the first time, the kernel produced regularly error messages telling the disk was full. It was impossible to start the very first steps described in the...

    Solved Cannot resize partition on USB memory stick with FreeBSD installation

    user@serv:~ % sudo gpart show /dev/da0 => 1 63012863 da0 MBR (30G) 1 1600 1 efi (800K) 1601 1904464 2 freebsd [active] (930M) 1906065 61106799 - free - (29G) user@serv:~ % sudo gpart resize -i 2 -s 30G -a 4k da0 da0s2 resized user@serv:~ %...