1. ulzeraj

    Solved net/samba413 encryption, security/gnutls on Aarch64

    Hello. It seems security/gnutls from ports and pkg are not making use of the AES acceleration features from the ARMv8 Cryptographic extensions. This makes Samba server encryption incredibly slow. I've observed this on a Mac M1 FreeBSD 13-RELEASE virtual machine and also a RockPro64 running...
  2. C

    Error installing security/gnutls

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to install the package security/gnutls, through the ports, and the system give me the error "./../gnutls_int.h:65:10: fatal error: 'gl/memxor.h' file not found". The ports were fetched in 2018/02/26. Is there somebody with the same problem? This package is required for...