1. andrewm659

    gitweb erroring using apache

    In one of my jails I have gitweb installed and I have been trying to get it setup. Making sure all the correct packages are installed and whatnot. I almost have it completed. But now when I try to browse to the page I get the following: [Wed Oct 19 15:31:22.095631 2016] [authz_core:debug]...
  2. andrewm659

    Recompiling Git with Gitweb in jail

    I need some help. I want to get gitweb working in my jail instance (ezjail). I don't know how to recompile from within the jaill. Do I need to download the ports package in the jail or from the host system? Is there a separate package that has this compiled in? FreeBSD 10.3 pkg query -e...