gigabit wireless pci networking

  1. lifepillar

    Any supported 802.11ac Mini PCIe WiFi Module to use with a PC Engines board?

    I have recently bought a PC Engines apu2e4 board, which I plan to use as a FreeBSD-based firewall/router. Now I am researching the best way to extend it with (ideally, Gigabit) wireless support. I'd like to add a Mini PCIe card (to keep everything in a single device), but AFAIK the ones...
  2. Chris_H

    anyone have any success with any Gigabit wireless pci cards?

    Firstly; apologies if this belongs in network/wireless. But given this is about the card (hardware); this felt like the right place. :-) OK. now to the question; Has anyone tried with any success to get Gigabit wireless working? If so, what card did you use. I'm looking at PCIe cards, and they...