1. Bill Evans at Mariposa

    C gdb seems to need to run as root

    When I'm running as root, using gdb (GNU gdb version 6.1.1 [FreeBSD]) is straightforward. Example: root:/u/home/tmp# cat 1.c #include <stdio.h> void spain(void) {printf("got to spain\n");} int main(void) { spain(); return 0; } root:/u/home/tmp# cc -g -Wall -Werror 1.c -o 1 root:/u/home/tmp# 1...
  2. P

    Solved Cannot see virtual serial port in Workstation VM

    Hello I am trying to add a virtual serial port (as a named pipe) on two FreeBSD 10 VMs in workstation. One end, I am keeping it as the server (the one VM which will actually be having the virtual serial port) and the other VM will connect to the other end. MY host is Windows 8.1. However when...
  3. sku1d

    Solved Question about disk encryption: Why the master key always gets stored on the encrypted disk?

    I have read a lot about gbde, geli and dm-crypt under linux, but a question remains: Why would iI store my master key on the disk? Seriously! Anybody could rip the metadata off the disk in no time and brute force the password in a cluster without even having additional encrypted sample data...