1. ParisHilton92

    Ptrace, GDB, KDB and LLDB

    Hi all, this is to ask clarification about the most appropriate tool to debug userspace applications. I did some research by reading the source code, and I have several doubts. I drop here a list of points: 1- GDB: there is a gdb_main.c, but it doesn't use ptrace (as I expected). Rather, it...
  2. grahamperrin

    Solved problems with UFS (editions to rc.conf lost; sudoers empty; gdb installed, unable to find a kernel debugger; and so on)

    Can anyone explain? <>
  3. F

    Solved Core dumps on my /home/username/ !??!?

    Ok so FreeBSD secures memory and makes unreadable to non-root users. But by default FreeBSD comes with "ulimit = unlimited" and I think that can cause to make normal users be able to read other apps memories. No code execution maybe but core dumps can include special informations about...
  4. I

    Solved Debug FreeBSD klds

    I'm trying to debug a function from a kld and in order to do that I use gdb, the steps that i follow in order to do that are: 1. load the debugging symbols from /boot/kernel/kernel; 2. load debugging symbols from <my_file>.ko; 3. set a breakpoint on a function that should execute when the...
  5. S

    Other GDB tui mode does not work

    Good afternoon! I used the small program for nasm x86 section .data hello: db 'Hello world!',10 ; 'Hello world!' plus a linefeed character helloLen: equ $-hello ; Length of the 'Hello world!' string ; (I'll explain soon) section .text...
  6. P

    upgrading kgdb

    As of now I have installed the latest version of gdb via the package manager (7.9.1). The binary gets installed as /usr/local/bin/gdb which is apparently a symlink to /usr/local/bin/gdb791. The version which comes with the system is at /usr/bin/gdb which is an older version (v6.1.1). I have...
  7. P

    Hacking/Debugging nullfs - KGDB cannot access memory at address

    I am trying to hack/understand the nullfs kernel module so to that end, I do the following: On the target machine: kldstat gives: Id Refs Address Size Name 1 10 0xffffffff80200000 17e10c8 kernel 2 1 0xffffffff819e2000 4cf0 vmxnet.ko 3 1 0xffffffff819e7000 16e0...
  8. O

    gdb can't find any source after compile through distcc

    I'm using several FreeBSD machines, and all of them are in same version, 10.3-RELEASE i386. And installed distcc on every machine through ports, devel/distcc. The distcc version is distcc-3.1. Using Clang 3.4.1 instead of GCC. Any compile was done very successfully. But after, every time I try...