1. A

    Trigger an interrupt when the value of a memory location is modified in FreeBSD

    Is it possible to generate an interrupt when the value of a variable or memory location get modified in FreeBSD or Linux environment using C program ? In a C application there is an dynamically allocated array which is being used/modified from multiple locations. The application is pretty large...
  2. ParisHilton92

    Ptrace, GDB, KDB and LLDB

    Hi all, this is to ask clarification about the most appropriate tool to debug userspace applications. I did some research by reading the source code, and I have several doubts. I drop here a list of points: 1- GDB: there is a gdb_main.c, but it doesn't use ptrace (as I expected). Rather, it...
  3. Cath O'Deray

    Solved problems with UFS (editions to rc.conf lost; sudoers empty; gdb installed, unable to find a kernel debugger; and so on)

    Can anyone explain? <>
  4. F

    Solved Core dumps on my /home/username/ !??!?

    Ok so FreeBSD secures memory and makes unreadable to non-root users. But by default FreeBSD comes with "ulimit = unlimited" and I think that can cause to make normal users be able to read other apps memories. No code execution maybe but core dumps can include special informations about...
  5. I

    Solved Debug FreeBSD klds

    I'm trying to debug a function from a kld and in order to do that I use gdb, the steps that i follow in order to do that are: 1. load the debugging symbols from /boot/kernel/kernel; 2. load debugging symbols from <my_file>.ko; 3. set a breakpoint on a function that should execute when the...
  6. S

    Other GDB tui mode does not work

    Good afternoon! I used the small program for nasm x86 section .data hello: db 'Hello world!',10 ; 'Hello world!' plus a linefeed character helloLen: equ $-hello ; Length of the 'Hello world!' string ; (I'll explain soon) section .text...
  7. P

    upgrading kgdb

    As of now I have installed the latest version of gdb via the package manager (7.9.1). The binary gets installed as /usr/local/bin/gdb which is apparently a symlink to /usr/local/bin/gdb791. The version which comes with the system is at /usr/bin/gdb which is an older version (v6.1.1). I have...
  8. P

    Hacking/Debugging nullfs - KGDB cannot access memory at address

    I am trying to hack/understand the nullfs kernel module so to that end, I do the following: On the target machine: kldstat gives: Id Refs Address Size Name 1 10 0xffffffff80200000 17e10c8 kernel 2 1 0xffffffff819e2000 4cf0 vmxnet.ko 3 1 0xffffffff819e7000 16e0...
  9. O

    gdb can't find any source after compile through distcc

    I'm using several FreeBSD machines, and all of them are in same version, 10.3-RELEASE i386. And installed distcc on every machine through ports, devel/distcc. The distcc version is distcc-3.1. Using Clang 3.4.1 instead of GCC. Any compile was done very successfully. But after, every time I try...