1. P

    [PHORONIX] Sony's PlayStation 4 Is Running Modified FreeBSD 9 Interesting, but IMO here's where GPL shows its strengths - if FreeBSD were GPL-licensed, AMD would have to release code for its drivers. Now, I guess we can count on someone hack PS4 and extract those drivers, but it's not going to...
  2. B

    Is games.txz essential for base system?

    I am trying to modify a PC-BSD script that I can use to install a vanilla version of FreeBSD. At the moment I have: distFiles=base doc games kernel lib32 My plan was to remove games, however I find it a bit odd that games.txz is part of the FreeBSD base system. So, I was wondering whether...
  3. fluca1978

    [OT] who remembers that old formula one arcade game?

    Ok, this is very not-Unix related, but maybe someone here remembers an old arcade game I was used to play when I was young: there was a car seat and three white Formula One cars made with a light projector on a rolling tape that was simulating the track. I remember the car having two speeds...
  4. K

    Our Kickstarter project (a game for FreeBSD)

    Hi all, Hopefully you guys know me and won't see this as spam but a few of us have just submitted our Kickstarter project. YouTube Video KickStarter page (more vids on the tools developed for the game) FreeBSD is a primary supported platform! Nice change huh? :) If you can, please spread...
  5. ManaHime

    Steam for Linux (Closed Beta)

    It's been a while since I first heard about this... Actually a few years ago... Well there it is. I hope this helps peoples to get out of Windows. I guess I can dream haha Now, I wonder if there's any way to make it work on linuxulator even...
  6. A

    Failed to install 8kingdoms

    Hello, I was trying to install Tremulous game to use it when I have some free time in FreeBSD 9.0 It seems that it needs to install 8kingdoms but it gives an error: # portinstall 8kingdoms [Gathering depends for games/8kingdoms .............................................. done] ** Port...
  7. R

    KDE games do not run

    Hello, No KDE game will run on my machine. For more information. See Roelof
  8. E

    Optimizing FreeBSD for gaming?

    Hi, I'm still somewhat new to FreeBSD, converted from linux (ubuntu if you must know). I'm trying to play the same video game under wine in FreeBSD 8.2-RELEASE x86 as I did in Ubuntu, and it is significantly slower in terms of framerate. I'm seeking any advice on how to improve my gaming...
  9. valsorym

    Battlefield Bad Company 2

    Hi all. Who ever installed Battlefield Bad Company 2 on FreeBSD? It is possible to play? We need to use Linux wine? I have sometimes installed WIndows Xp - I would like to play with FreeBSD. As a GUI (in FreeBSD) - Gnome2
  10. B

    GNU Chess problem: I can only play games as root

    I've got GNU Chess installed from ports, and have installed xboard and eboard. When I try to start a new game from a normal user account in either xboard or eboard, I get the error: I can run the game as root. The permissions for the file are: -r--r--r-- 1 root wheel Edit: If I change...
  11. D

    Mumble overlay working?

    Wondering if anyone has had success with the overlay feature of audio/mumble. Looks like it wants to work. The layout tab shows my desktop, but when I click apply - ok to enable overlay nothing shows. I noticed a patch applied to an overlay file, may be someone has it working. I just built it...
  12. S

    List of games working with wine

    I was wondering if some one lucky to run its favorite game(s), so he tell us about, I hope this will be as a reference. Mr hedgehog report that these games work fine: Sins of Solar Empire Space Rangers 2 Homeworld 2 TES4: Oblivion World of Warcraft < not anymore D2: LOD...
  13. C

    A question for any and all gamers here

    What do you do about gaming with FreeBSD? Do you game on FreeBSD, or do you dual boot with another OS or play on consoles? Is there good support for various video cards?
  14. H

    Running windows apps/games?

    Dear all, can FreeBSD run some windows application/games in any way? Thx
  15. D

    Crossover Games 9.1.0

    I want to install Crossover games on my FreeBSD box (8.1-STABLE). I download the FreeBSD installer and when I run it it quits with the message Verifying archive integrity...OK Uncompressing CrossOver Games /libexec/ /usr/local/lib/ unsupported file layout The setup...
  16. serjsk8

    HOWTO: Gamepad and FreeBSD

    Hi everyone! This is my first HOWTO!:) Sometimes I play different games on the emulator SNES9x and play on the keyboard is not very convenient. I remembered that I have a USB Gamepad (Logitech Dual Action â„¢ Gamepad). So I decided to...
  17. S

    Yet another WoW thread

    I've moved from Windows on my laptop since Intel GMA 4500MHD was supported in Xorg, after doing an quick install with FreeBSD 7.3-RELEASE everything went fine, until I was about to test World of Warcraft. Now I can of course expect that there might be some fps drop in the game but this was...
  18. H

    Wine crash on WoW 3.3.5

    Hi, I'm sorry if it isn't posted at the right place but I have no idea where to ask this. (If there is a better place to ask please tell me) Since Blizzard patched World of Warcraft to version 3.3.5 it doesn't let me login anymore (when I enter my login information it will just say...
  19. B

    Football World Cup

    Congrats to Ghana for making it to the 1/4 final! :e USA played well. They missed the final touch to score, they'll be dangerous in 2014. Anyone following the world cup here?
  20. twickline

    An introduction to CrossOver Office and Games for FreeBSD

    CrossOver for FreeBSD is a commercial variant of Wine released by CodeWeavers with (currently) limited support for many of today's most popular office application and games. CrossOver Office and Games for FreeBSD is tested for performance and stability with many of todays most popular games such...