1. cusp

    Cities: Skylines (Linux/Steam) on FreeBSD

    Just wondering, is anyone here running Cities: Skylines on FreeBSD using the Linux Steam client? I am currently building a dedicated FreeBSD box and that would be one killer game I'd like to play (I love city building games).
  2. GameBSD


    Hello all, I was hoping to get some help with a new project I have started. The project is called GameBSD. GameBSD is a collection of tools for creating games for FreeBSD. Currently, only FreeBSD 32-bit and 64-bit are supported. I am looking for people to test both the GameBSD Handbook and...
  3. Handy92

    Bhyve with windows to game.

    It is possible to have bhyve with Windows and install some AMD, nVidia, or Intel drivers, or graphic card is emulated like a VirtualBox?
  4. N

    FreeBSD-based programs porting (like Sony games)

    Hi, it might sound stupid but what will be the problems if somebody would like to port and Sony Playstation games to FreeBSD? I mean i I know Sony uses BSD, so their games should run natively on FreeBSD or not? I am confused.
  5. T

    Solved Game programming libraries for FreeBSD?

    Hi, I'm a Linux user(ArchLinux) thinking about switching to FreeBSD. After a bit of googling, the only doubt I have left is what game/multimedia programming libraries are there for FreeBSD. I searched for some and found out that there are sdl and allegro ports, although these libraries don't...
  6. UncleBAZINGA

    Wine logs me out of X after quitting a game

    I have installed the concurrent version of emulators/i386-wine and so far Wine itself runs fine. I want to play the original Fallout via Wine and downloaded the current version from Installation went fine, but at the end of the installation it throws some strange error codes, but...
  7. T

    Steam Servers on FreeBSD

    Sorry if this is on the wrong board, feel free to move it if so. Does anyone have experience with steam dedicated servers on FreeBSD? I imagine it should work, but just wondering if anyone's had luck with it.
  8. L

    World of Warcraft 6.1- black screen on start under Wine 1.8.39 with GeForce 760 GTX

    Greetings, FreeBSD version: 10.1-Release Nvidia graphic card: GeForce GTX 760 Nvidia driver version: 346.59 (released just a few days ago) Wine version: 1.8.39 World of Warcraft: 6.1, installed on Windows SET gxApi "OpenGL" - configured in file When I run Wow.exe I get black...
  9. ayleid96

    FreeBSD crashes after running 3D games.

    EDIT: I am sorry if I am using wrong section to post this topic, but I didn't see a place where I could post problems about gaming. Hi, I know that FreeBSD is not for gaming but i am not willing to play some bloated heavy games, just classics. I am currently playing Chocolate-Doom and...
  10. ronaldlees

    Remember Nintendo Atari et al...

    This is way off topic, but in keeping with my fetish for new OS stuff, I managed to find an allegedly open sourced, former Nintendo company research OS project called "ES". Link: Does anyone have additional info on this?
  11. C

    Minecraft crashes after pressing "Play" in 1.7.9 launcher

    Whenever I log in with my username and password, then press play, it just crashes and shows this log: [09:19:26 INFO]: Minecraft Launcher 1.4.2 (through bootstrap 5) started on unknown... [09:19:26 INFO]: Current time is May 16, 2014 9:19:26 AM [09:19:26 FATAL]: This operating system is unknown...
  12. retrogamer

    Can someone help with a USB gamepad/joystick issue?

    Hello all, first time poster and fairly recent FreeBSD convert after jumping from Slackware. Anyway, I've run into a minor issue with using USB gamepads/joysticks on FreeBSD, and was hoping someone could help or alternatively let me know that I should file a bug report (I'd wager the former is...
  13. P

    games/xonotic not in pkg repo

    I've noticed that games/xonotic is not in either the official FreeBSD or the PC-BSD pkg repository. It compiles fine, so my guess is that it is in some way blacklisted from being compiled by the poudriere server for inclusion in the pkg repo. Does anybody know if there is a "blacklist" of sorts...
  14. D

    Install FreeBSD 10 on a gaming laptop

    Good morning all (it's about 09:40AM in Italy), I have a Clevo P150SM ( custom build configured as follows: * Intel® Core™ i7-4700MQ * 16GB RAM * NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 770M with Optimus * 90GB SSD + 1TB HDD * Intel® Dual Band...
  15. BSD-Kitsune

    HOW TO: Emulate PC-9821 games on FreeBSD 10

    So when migrating to FreeBSD, one of the things I wanted to do that I could not in Linux was run PC-9821 games. The emulator for the UNIX and UNIX-like OSes is a port of Neko Project II called xnp2. Its really easy to get it running, but since its not in ports, I thought I'd do a little guide on...
  16. jrm@

    PlayStation 4 and FreeBSD

    Sony's new PlayStation 4 and open-source FreeBSD: THE TRUTH
  17. D

    games/minecraft-client update to minecraft 1.7

    Hey FreeBSD guys, I'm hardly trying getting the 1.7.x version of the Minecraft client to work. The games/minecraft-client port currently uses the deprecated 1.4.x branch which can't be used on most servers any longer. So I think we should update the port after we develop a working...
  18. J

    Minecraft-server on FreeBSD

    What is the best way for me to run minecraft-server on FreeBSD? The current version of minecraft-server is outdated by several versions, current version in ports is 1.4.7 while the current version they run is 1.6.4. For that reason I cannot run the version in ports. I want to run...
  19. G

    ioquake3: needs at least one of CLIENT, DEDICATED and SMP options

    Hi friends! I have a problem with updating games/ioquake3. It gives me an error: ===> ioquake3-1.36_13 needs at least one of CLIENT, DEDICATED and SMP options. *** [reinstall] Error code 1 Stop in /usr/ports/games/ioquake3. I have read the wiki about options-ng, and added to /etc/make.conf...
  20. D

    FreeBSD as dedicated game server

    I am wondering how many people uses their FreeBSD systems as a dedicated game server and what games they serve to. I know Xonotic, OpenTTD and Minecraft can use FreeBSD servers from what I read, are there others? Thanks, Dana