1. birdie

    The no future of X.org, FreeBSD becomes headless?

    RedHat announced two days ago they are abandoning X.org starting 2025. This is a done deal, there are no ifs. Not a single BSD distribution including FreeBSD, NetBSD or OpenBSD, not a single remaining UNIX including AIX and Solaris has released any statements in regard to that. What are you...
  2. scrappywan

    Other Desktop environments with best support moving forward

    I have been pondering for a while now which desktop environment FreeBSD users consider the best choice for today and in the future. It looks as though desktop environments created primarily for Linux such as Gnome and KDE may become more difficult, if not impossible to keep up to date for...
  3. V

    What is the future of FreeBSD as desktop OS?

    Is there any general plan or some general ideas about future of FreeBSD for desktop use? What developers think about the future of FreeBSD as desktop OS? What is their future vision of FreeBSD for desktop use? Is the desktop part important part of development of FreeBSD?