1. Dwerva

    xrdp file copy/paste works for root but not users

    Hello all, I do not post this request for help lightly. There are very few problems I cannot solve myself but this one has had me stumped for a week now. This smells of a permissions issue but damned if I can find it. Does anyone have a direction they can point me in that I may be missing...
  2. jjsingh

    Mounting hard drives(NTFS)/USB storages(FAT32 or exFAT), etc on FreeBSD 12.2

    Hi Everyone, I'm coming from the LINUX to try FreeBSD. I downloaded and created bootable USB stick of FreeBSD 12.2 DVD ISO and booted into FreeBSD as a livefs. I've wanted to store the output of below cmds to check hardware compatibility of my device. # mount -u -o rw / # dmesg >...
  3. hanzer

    Solved FUSE and py27-fs

    PyFilesystem 1. Are there any tutorials on how to use FuseFS on FreeBSD? 2. Is the py27-fs package broken? Setup: freebsd-version -> 11.0-RELEASE-p1 sudo pkg install py27-fs /boot/loader.conf kern.geom.label.gptid.enable="0" zfs_load="YES" kern.vty=sc fuse_load="YES" /etc/sysctl.conf...