1. K

    Disable debug for ftpd under syslogd?

    In my /etc/syslog.d/ftp.conf file, I got a line like: ftp.debug /var/log/fdeb.log It works fine, however, syslogd still logs the debug of the ftpd in default "debug.log" file. My question is, how to prevent syslogd logging ftpd's debug, into its default debug.log file, but let ftp.debug to be...
  2. S

    How to enforce ftp client open a specific port for data when deal with Active-mode ftp servers?

    To strength security of the firewall (we all know that ftp is a challenge for firewall security) I want enforce ftp-client establish only a specific port for data. My box is an ftp client in terms of ftp communication. I don't need ftp server on my box (we live in era of cloud services!), but...
  3. hdc

    FTP login fail

    I am using FTPD from FreeBSD, the user name and password were created by adduser. The user name is not in /etc/ftpusers, and it is in /etc/ftpchroot. The user login was working fine. But after changing password by passwd, it was not working and FTP client said login failed. I can see nothing...
  4. uzsolt

    awstats and ftpd

    My question is very simple: www/awstats can process ftpd's xferlog? If yes how can do it?