1. A

    php56 package installation in FreeBSD 11

    Hi Team, We want it to install php56 package on FreeBSD server but while doing that we are getting the below error, as FreeBSD 11.1 can we install these packages? or we need to upgrade the server to the latest version, so guys please help me with this query. Thanks, in advance...
  2. Kreme

    Using DUMP to backup FreeBSD

    In preparation for moving to new hardware I am using dump to try to backup the entire OS, the problem is it appears to be skipping /usr/ even though that is not a separate mount point, which is fine as it is the documented behavior. The toruble is if I try to use dump to backup /usr, it tells me...
  3. A

    steamcmd under FreeBSD 11 with linux_base-c7

    Hi, I have reinstalled FreeBSD to 11.1 and installed again steamcmd and linux_base-c7. Also I have installed all ports from /usr/ports/devel/linux... Everytime I am trying to run ./ I get a message: Redirecting stderr to '/root/Steam/logs/stderr.txt' Looks like steam didn't...