1. crypt47

    How to reuse /var/db/cache for upgrading multiple jails?

    Hello, I've noticed that freebsd-update upgrade always starts fresh and it's a bit annoying on slow channel. Maybe someone has a tip how to download update once and then reinstall it multiple times?
  2. Buck

    Where are the release notes for all those -pX releases?

    So when we run freebsd-upgrade it would upgrade to something like "13.0-RELEASE-p4". I couldn't find any source/release notes for for those pX releases, are they being published somewhere? Maybe in the mailing lists?
  3. jeltoesolnce

    Upgrade 11.2 -> 12.0 fall, rollback completed successfully. [SOLVED]

    Hello. When I tried to make upgrade, I got this messages: chown 0:0 ///proc: Operation not supported chmod 555 ///proc: Operation not supported My /proc permissions are: dr-xr-xr-x 1 root wheel 0 13 дек. 19:26 proc But freebsd-upgrade did worked and after it I got message (uname...