1. M

    Need more guidance on FreeBSD as server for someone relatively new to networking(and FreeBSD).

    I have read around the forum for a bit and have a general idea of a decent structure for a server, let's use my own use case as an example. Static Site Jail: Nginx Reverse Proxy deploying, Git repository jail: Nginx + Cgit/other git implementation. File upload jail...
  2. DtxdF

    How to Install Gitea on FreeBSD Using Appjail Director

    Managing our development projects is very easy nowadays, there are so many services to choose from, some with less or more features, but there is an open source project, self-hosted, with so many features that can be installed in a few minutes and the best part is that we can install it on...
  3. K

    jails Hide the main host's network interfaces from the jails?

    Hello. Is there any way to hide the network interfaces in jails? For instance, when I execute "ifconfig" in my jail, I see the interfaces from the host as well, such as; em0, lo0, pflog0..etc. Is there any way to hide them from the ifconfig output of the jails? My jail runs on lo1 and gets an...
  4. madwebness

    general/other Container/OS/arch agnostic toolset: BSD-jails and bhyve too (WIP) - thoughts?

    Dear FreeBSD crowd. I'm very grateful for the help provided over the past years on this forum, which allowed me to slowly acquaint myself with FreeBSD and finally move away from Linux on both servers and my Desktop. This forum too, even if my posts were infrequent, was the most welcoming...