freebsd jail wordpress

  1. DtxdF

    Install WordPress With Appjail Director

    What Are AppJail and AppJail Director? AppJail is a framework that provides preconfigured and self-contained applications, frameworks and software stacks, such as WordPress. Using this tool we will have a package installed inside a jail, a lightweight and isolated environment with any custom...
  2. N

    Problem with Wordpress install in a jail

    Hi All, I need some help getting WordPress running on FreeBSD in a jail. Can't get past this error on any newish version of the OS and packages. I've tried several combos of PHP7 and PHP8, and MariaDB under Apache24, FreeBSD12 and 13 release versions -- all come back with this error: PHP...
  3. idude

    Solved WordPress on a jail giving me an error

    Hello, i've trying to get wordpress to run on FreeBSD 12.2-RELEASE and I'm getting this error on my web browser: Here's what I've done: mkdir -p /jail/webserver/ bsdinstall jail /jail/webserver (Installed the base system plus lib32) Edited my host rc.conf and added: jail_enable="YES"...