freebsd 14.1-release

  1. G

    Service start error on poudriere-built gitlab

    Hello, I am new to the forum. I have been running www/gitlab (ce) in a jail for about 6 months, performing updates on the underlying system and on the app, and it's been working great. Currently I'm on 14.1-RELEASE-p2. At some point I went from a package install of gitlab-ce to a...
  2. blackfoxx

    Raspberry Pi 4B - reboot process stops during Upgrade from FreeBSD 14.0-RELEASE-p8 to 14.1-RELEASE-p2 (with mountroot: mmcsd0 error 19). Please help.

    Hi there :) My name is Stan from Germany, I'm 45 y.o. and experienced/advanced FreeBSD admin/user since 2019. (Previously admin/user of several Linux-Distros, until "systemd" occured.) So I'm familiar with UNIX-like systems... I'm working with FreeBSD workstations and servers since Version 12...