freebsd 14.0-release

  1. gpw928

    /usr/ports from release media and git

    I can avoid FreeBSD 14 no longer. Can the ports tree from the release media be updated? Or do I have to start with the Handbook approved method of installing it with git?
  2. imnotaduck

    FreeBSD 14 and MacMini Late 2012 Hardware Support

    Hello everyone, It's been some years that I haven't posted here, although I'm here quite often reading the contents of this forum in a week basis to help solving my issues. Today, I'm not going to post any question but then, some info about the hardware support of the MacMini Late 2012. You...
  3. illegalcoding

    Constant page-fault kernel panics with AMD RX 6600 and drm-515-kmod

    I (re)installed FreeBSD 14 recently, but it is basically unusable due to constant kernel panics. This only happens when I'm in X11 (XFCE), and also seemingly only when I have Firefox open(?). The stack trace seems to suggest that it's something in the drm, but I'm not sure. It seems that most...
  4. subnetspider

    Solved VNET jails very slow inbound networking after upgrading host to 14.0-RELEASE

    Hello everyone, after upgrading my jail host from 13.2-RELEASE-p5 to 14.0-RELEASE, I noticed that the services hosted on it became very slow and unresponsive. This is most noticeable with my Plex and Nextcloud servers, which are either painfully slow or completely unusable. After some...