freebsd 13-release-p3

  1. Thomas.

    Vnet jail with IPFW NAT outbound traffic no longer works after upgrade from 12.2-RELEASE to 13.0-RELEASE

    Hi, I'm new to FreeBSD (only started tinkering about with it last week), and after lots of digging through the documentation, handbook, and many other online resources I managed to have my vnet enabled jail working in conjunction with ipfw in-kernel NAT. Both inbound and outbound traffic was...
  2. F

    Solved Macbook Air 2017 : Need Help With Proprietary Firmware/Driver

    Details : Device : MacBook Air (13-inch, 2017) Card : Broadcom 4360 , PCI-ID : 14e4:43a0 Driver I used on Linux (Ubuntu, Arch) : bcmwl-kernel-source Linux Driver Reliability : Complete, Unfailing OS I need driver for : NomadBSD (FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE-p3, GENERIC kernel, amd64 base). So basically...