freebsd 12.0

  1. clawhammer

    Solved system keeps rebooting with error.

    savecore880 - - reboot after panic: ufs_dirbad: /: bad dir ino 14285568 at offset 1176: mangled entry. I can't boot into single user mode. Edit: Thanks for all your help. I ended up reinstalling my system as I didn't think I could fix it as I don't have that much experience. I didn't have...
  2. z3R0

    FreeBSD 12 zsh config not generated on install

    Hi, I installed zsh on FreeBSD 12 but it doesn’t run the usual script that generates that default config files (.zshrc .zshenv .zprofile etc...) This is a clean install (no previous config files) I’ve tried installing from ports with make as well as using pkg. How can I generate the config...
  3. gustopn

    NTPd fails to sync when DNS used

    Hi, I have a freshly updated 12.0-RELEASE-p8 FreeBSD 12.0-RELEASE-p8 r350387 GENERIC amd64 where NTPd stopped working saying: Jul 28 14:32:28 wasp ntpd[1194]: giving up resolving host servname not supported for ai_socktype (9) Jul 28 14:32:28 wasp ntpd[1194]: giving up...
  4. H

    Solved WINE - KVA_PAGES=512 in your kernel configuration. This is incompatible with WINE.

    Hello, I meet a problem when I want to install some emulators. I tried to install Wine on FreeBSD 12 but I get this message. "Some ZFS tuning guides recommend setting KVA_PAGES=512 in your kernel configuration. This is incompatible with Wine. The maximum possible is KVA_PAGES=500, which...
  5. B

    Problem Installing

    I wanted to install FreeBSD 12.0 on my laptop. It is currently running Manjaro but I’d like to try something different for a while. I followed the instructions in the FreeBSD provided documentation on how to make a USB installer, and I tried in both Manjaro and Windows 10 yet received the...
  6. T

    Solved Screen resolution FreeBSD 12.0 Parallels VM

    Having installed FreeBSD-12.0 in a Parallels virtual machine on a 2018 Mac mini running Mojave 10.14.4, the screen resolution defaulted to 1024x768 which was less than ideal on a 24" monitor which does 1920x1080. After searching for hints I came across suggestions to use: mode X gop set X...
  7. Deckard

    Issues with my touchpad | Xiaomi notebook pro

    Hello, I'm back to the FreeBSD community, and I reinstalled it (bye Linux for now). I managed to establish the Wi-Fi connection and get Xorg working. However, I've got an issue with my touchpad, it doesn't seem to work. I searched through the forum, through the Wiki, and I always find the same...
  8. decuser

    Help choosing a video card

    All, I would like to buy a cheap, compatible, video card that is able to output 1920x1080 through an hdmi cable. Is there such a thing? I would appreciate your suggestions for 2019. I have read endless posts about how to get this card or that card to work, but is there a card that will just...
  9. Janith

    Installation error on partitioning step

    Hi, I'm Janith Udayanga and new to the forum. When I tried to install FreeBSD I got an error before continuing to the partitioning step, saying disks not found. I tried to install this on a server which has a LSI SAS 9200 disk controller card. Also I'm getting this kind of a diagnostic message...
  10. I

    BCM43602 - WIFI Card - 12.0-current not working

    Hello FreeBSD Users, I have installed FreeBSD on my old Apple MacBook Pro(2015). Before installing FreeBSD I have tried the Debian based Linux on my old Apple MacBook pro. Everything is working fine with Debian os. But I wanted to move it to BSD OS really badly. Now I have a problem to make...
  11. Bourbon

    FreeBSD 12.0 install from DVD aborts

    Hi All, We have a nice guy making videos to introduce FreeBSD on YouTube, final result after watching his channel has been the wish of trying 12.0 apparently more user friendly than the previous ones. Got DVD but boot process aborts whitout any warning after some lines; I am in UEFI environment...
  12. J

    Swap on ZFS in 2018?

    In the past there were some interesting discussions about swap with ZFS, and its performance when a machine actually runs out of memory. These include: 2012 thread 2016 thread 2015 bug report Many people, perhaps most, setup swap when they setup ZFS. But have any of you actually put it to the...
  13. S

    Module still part of kernel after removing from conf file

    I'm trying to debug an issue with eMMC controller and would like to exclude the module (sdhci_acpi) from kernel and be able to load it myself when I make changes to the driver source. However, even after I commented these lines from the conf file, the module still shows up as a part of the...
  14. A

    RPI3 one-wire GPIO pin

    Hi! I have RPI 3 and FreeBSD 12 installed on it. Unfortunatelly, there is no any dts file on kernel tree and I cannot define one-wire GPIO pin. Is it possible to define one-wire pi without recompilling kernel and dts\dtb files?
  15. 1

    Support for Raspberry Pi 2

    Hi, I understand, that I can create my own image, but it would be more convenient to get them ready-to-run. I own a set of "Raspberry Pi 2 Model B V1.1" (board version) and found working read-to-run images for FreeBSD-11.0 in the "snapshots" and in the "releases" directories. But nothing for...