1. T

    Other Formatting a Hard Disk Drive

    It appears that FreeBSD's equivalent to MS Window's 'format' Command is 'gpart', and it appears that I don't need to use the 'geom' Command which is utilized via 'gpart'; is this correct? [BTW, why are there two 'geom' Commands: geom(4) & geom(8)? It seems rather dumb to have two Commands with...
  2. Areeb Qaisar

    Format to UFS2 using newfs, in installation

    Hello, I have a UEFI System with GPT Partition Table. During the installation of FreeBSD 11, I need to format a partition to UFS2. The FreeBSD installer does not allows to format an existing partition. It instead only allows to create a new partition, which will be then be formatted. Is...