1. Mitchell Bridges

    Solved I have a firepro v4900 AMD GPU, what are the best drivers and configurations

    I have a new gpu for my new intel LGA2011-v3 system with16gb of dd4 ecc ram. I love how it performs, I however would like to know the best gpu drivers and configurations I could make to any of my config files.
  2. poorandunlucky

    Framerate (radeon)

    Hey, so I'm kinda new really dedicating myself to running FreeBSD as my main desktop OS, so there's a lot of stuff I don't know, though I'm quite capable, or at least, I think I'm OK... Anyway... so I was running KDE4 with the framerate desktop effect, and I'm getting 60 fps with OpenGL 3.0...
  3. poorandunlucky

    ATI/AMD FirePro M7820

    Anyone got experience with FirePro cards? I got OK support with the radeon drivers, but I don't think this is as good as it should/could be... Radeon drivers are kinda compatible, and Windows uses the Radeon drivers to drive the FirePro card since the product was discontinued (it's identified...