1. R

    Solved Using Yubikey OTP with HID with Yubikey FIDO2 (ed25519-sk) for SSH does not work properly

    Hi, Last weekend I tried to setup a Yubikey. When I started with setting up a static password, first I reset OTP, FIDO, I noticed that the long press of the Yubikey did not work. After checking on internet, I found on the Yubikey site (, section...
  2. R

    Solved Yubikey setup SSH FIDO 2 on 2 VMs - Password is still prompted

    Hi all, This is my current setup, my host is a Windows machine where 2 VMs are installed. VM2 ( will have ssh installed with FIDO2 using a Yubikey. And the VM1 ( will need to connect to VM2 via SSH. Both VMs have a FreeBSD OS installed. Preparation of VM2: -...
  3. bibi

    libfido2 and openssh-portable

    Hello, I am trying to generate a fido2 ed25519 ssh keys with the libfido2 and openssh-portable. My Yubikey is recognised, but when i try to do the ssh-keygen i run into the following issue: root@builder:~ # pkg info | grep libfido2 libfido2-1.5.0 Provides library functionality...