1. N

    Wireguard, pf, nat and FIBS

    Hello, I know, I put this thread in the [firewall/PF] place too, but I think the problem is the fib part, it's why I add it here. I want to change my firewall (FW) because it's not a freebsd machine. The freebsd machine will become my new firewall. The version is "13.2-RELEASE-p8 FreeBSD...
  2. N

    service netif restart && service routing restart removes default route for gateway received via dhclient

    Hi, I have a FreeBSD server running 14.0. It's primary network interface receives public IP and default route via dhclient. Sometimes after fiddling with static routes in fib 1 and adding these to rc.conf I need to run: service netif restart service routing restart This however removes the...
  3. A

    jails IPv4 Routes From Jail's FIB

    UPDATE: I may have actually solved this, by swapping the order so that the jail creates the RFC1918 address on that interface FIRST, and then creates the loopback interface second. Now this confuses me even more, since I cannot route using ipv4 from the host system on that FIB, but it is...
  4. Lucian

    Missing default gateway in multi-fib DHCP env

    tl;dr - Second NIC doesn't get a def router via DHCP breaking multiple routing table setup Hello, I need to setup a VM with 2 NICs on DHCP, we need a separate routing table (fib) per NIC, but I'm not getting the default router for the second one. What I've done so far: In /boot/loader.conf...