1. C

    Please add better version management in the pkg install.

    There has to be a minimal_tested_target_level or something to have sepperate versions of the package uploaded for different freebsd releases, keeping it compatible. I prefer FreeBSD 11.4 over newer because of SCO unix SVR compatibility, but a lot of BSD packages, I can't install. This is a main...
  2. aragats

    Thanks vs Reactions

    Should the Forums follow social networks' trends?
  3. ldgc

    UFS Partitioning feedback

    Hi all :) Observations: - 1 HDD - HDD will only have FreeBSD installed - 8 GB RAM - System's purpose is programming and basic desktop tasks - tmpfs will be used for /tmp Partitioning: ada0 932G GPT ada0p1 800K efi ada0p2 2G freebsd-ufs / ada0p3 2G freebsd-swap none ada0p4 10G freebsd-ufs /var...
  4. C

    Finally I own compatible hardware!

    First off, having finally got FreeBSD working for the first time, I'm near over the moon (quick explanation, I've often had hardware (mainly laptops) that had incompatible hardware) - while I was tempted to build a cheap box specifically for *BSD somehow I never got round to it... While I do...