1. I

    Enable ZGC in OpenJDK ports?

    I was wondering if anyone can shed light on why ZGC is not enabled in the FreeBSD ports for OpenJDK. From what I can find ZGC "should" function on FreeBSD, with that said I was finding conflicting information. Could anyone give me a bit more detail / direction? Is it something I can enable in my...
  2. FKEinternet

    What is the difference between 10 and 11?

    (I tried to search for "difference between 10 and 11" and the search excluded "10" "and" "11" for being too common, too short, etc - so the "search" results were totally irrelevant.) I have a server running FreeBSD 10.3, I'm going to upgrade to either 10.4 or 11.1. I've looked at the release...