1. fullauto2012


    I've working on getting authpf working and the man page says it requires fdescfs to be mounted to run... I'm a completely unaware of what fdescfs even does? Been looking around, but everything I found with a reference to fdescfs just assumes you know what it does and why it's required... Can...
  2. D

    Can't mount fdescfs to /dev/fd

    Hello I can't mount fdesc,here is the output root@nshost2:~ # mount -t fdescfs fdesc /dev/fd mount: fdesc: Operation not supported by device And here is the output of dmesg root@nshost2:~ # dmesg | grep fdesc KLD fdescfs.ko: depends on kernel - not available or version mismatch And kldstat...
  3. J

    Solved 11-CURRENT boots to single-user with fdescfs/linprocfs in fstab

    I'm pretty new to FreeBSD, so this may be something really simple... If I uncomment the fdescfs and linprocfs entries in fstab (see below), I get dumped to single-user mode on boot. # Device Mountpoint FStype Options Dump Pass# /dev/ada0p3.eli none swap sw 0 0...