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    Unable to get fcitx5, fcitx5-configtool, zh-fcitx5-rime to work properly :(

    I have the following environment variables set in my .bash_profile as recommended by the package description: export XMODIFIERS='@im=fcitx' export GTK_IM_MODULE=fcitx/xim export QT_IM_MODULE=fcitx The fcitx5 is started through my .xinitrc file when I startx into xorg. 'ps' command also confirms...
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    How to: Dell Inspiron 15r se 7520: FreeBSD 12.1-RC2 + Gnome 3 Lite + Japanese support + art apps

    ------------------------ FreeBSD install: ------------------------ Before anything, ensure you had burned your freebsd 12 STABLE .img to a usb 2.0 usb memory stick, because if it is a usb 3.0 device it will start but will encounter a error which will not allow you to enter the freebsd 12...