1. F

    Solved Trouble formatting 128Gb USB Memory as multiple partitions.

    I've inserted a 128Gb USB Memory Stick and destroyed the previous formatting with gpart destroy -F /dev/da0 I want to create 4 off 30Gb FAT32 partitions, so I then rebuilt the structure: gpart create -s mbr /dev/da0 gpart add -s 30G -t fat32 /dev/da0 gpart add -s 30G -t fat32 /dev/da1 gpart...
  2. A

    Solved How FreeBSD Forums prevented me from KMS

    3.15 inch OneHalf and the tale of long-tailed !ant¡-Virus distribution Many years ago, after I got bitten by OneHalf, I've developed some kind of backup procedure. It wasn't perfect at the time, but it was working and got better over several years. I don't consume antivirus, and I disable...
  3. A

    Solved Cluster size limit in newfs_msdos(8)

    FAT32: Maximum cluster size for FAT32 is 256K. Windows: Microsoft documentation and related blogs are all over the places. They generally state that max is 64K -- they rarely mentioned 256K. I've read somewhere clusters larger than 64K in Windows may cause problem for calculating space (in some...
  4. Y

    Xfce I can't mount a 64GB usb drive in Xfce

    Hi, I'm running a fresh install of FreeBSD 12.2-RELEASE-i386 with Xfce (dbus hald enabled) and while I can mount a 32GB usb drive from the desktop, I can't for 64GB. Both in FAT32. I can do it through mount_msdosfs but not from desktop. What makes the difference in Xfce? dmesg ugen4.3: <Lexar...
  5. jjsingh

    Mounting hard drives(NTFS)/USB storages(FAT32 or exFAT), etc on FreeBSD 12.2

    Hi Everyone, I'm coming from the LINUX to try FreeBSD. I downloaded and created bootable USB stick of FreeBSD 12.2 DVD ISO and booted into FreeBSD as a livefs. I've wanted to store the output of below cmds to check hardware compatibility of my device. # mount -u -o rw / # dmesg >...
  6. I

    Solved Cannot mount pendrive

    Well actually it is a 16GB micro SD card in an USB adapter. It works properly on another computer with win7 and I used it for ubuntu with an arm sbc too. I made it fat32 under freebsd with sade, but I cannot mount it. I checked on win7 and formatted it, but even after that I cannot mount it on...