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    Problems with installing tor

    Hello everyone, I'm a noobie to BSD systems and got some problems with installing tor and virtualbox-ose from ports. My system is 11.1-RELEASE. cd /usr/ports/security/tor (or simular with virtualbox) make install clean ... configure: error: perl 5.8 required ===> Script "configure" failed...
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    Data cloning !!

    Hi, We've encounter a very critical Dell-r510 server failure, its motherboard got completely damaged and there's no way to boot the machine. Now to make our data online asap, we need to have this data available in other machine but need your instructions for this sensitive migration. Let me...
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    Solved pop3s failure (qpopper, SeaMonkey, Apple Mail)

    Attempting to retrieve email via qpopper with TLS/SSL (pop3s on port 995, plain text password) enabled using the SeaMonkey and Apple Mail mail clients fails with the qpopper log showing the same failure mode: Apr 11 22:47:24 shadow qpopper[56980]: OpenSSL error during handshake Apr 11 22:47:24...
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    CARP and surviving a HAProxy failure

    Hi, Trying out carp and net/haproxy. I have 2 nodes sharing a single IP using CARP. On each node iI have HAProxy and Apache running. HAProxy binds the frontend to this VIP, and the backend to each webserver running on the nodes. Everything works fine, CARP moves the IP, HAProxy takes servers...