1. tuxador

    jails DJANGO + postgres + NGINX in a jail Best practices

    Hi, i am setting up for local deployment a django app in a desktop running FreeBSD12.2. Django is installed within a jail using ezjail. I have a couple of questions for the simplest and safest way to put it in production in a local network. 1- Is it simpler to run postgresql in the host and...
  2. spag

    Solved Jails update 11.2 userland vs kernel version

    I did OS upgrade from 11.1 to 11.2 . All went fine... almost as jails are showing wrong userland version now and I cannot upgrade software root@labs02:~ # uname -UK 1102000 1101001 when I try to reinstall software I am getting error: root@labs02:~ # pkg upgrade Updating myrepo repository...
  3. DiscmanDaemon

    RPI3 B some issues with jails

    Hello all, I have been experimenting with running a project that works great on AMD64/X86 on an RPI3 B, and have had some hiccups with jails, and I am wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar, and has any idea as to the cause. I've noticed the standard method of NATting jails on a...
  4. G

    uname -U differs from uname -K in jail (11.1-RELEASE)

    Recently I've upgraded my system from 11.0-RELEASE to 11.1-RELEASE. Everything is fine with the host: [root@host ~]# uname -U && uname -K 1101001 1101001 But in jails (I'm using ezjail for that) it does differ: root@munin:~ # uname -U && uname -K 1100122 1101001 I did upgrade by the book...