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  1. First_Law_of_Unix

    Unable to boot FreeBSD 13.1 whenever Internal or External hard drive is connected.

    Hello, Whenever I connect an internal storage SATA hard drive or external storage USB hard drive, FreeBSD does not boot and gets stuck at a prompt requiring me to enter a path name of shell. If I unplug the storage hard drive and restart the PC, FreeBSD boots as usual. Would like to note that...
  2. H

    Solved Backup unencrypted datasets into encrypted datasets

    This is probably a trivial question, but I'm failing to figure it out myself after reading a lot of documentation. I've my laptop running an up-to-date 13.0-RELEASE, with zfs on top of geli. So, datasets are *not* encrypted, but encryption is done on the lower level. I've a single snapshot in...
  3. Hastur

    ZFS How do I make sure usb external disks added without raid to zpool are properly seen by the system?

    Last time I tried this, I had trouble where the box would not boot. I think the device id of the usb external disks changes on reboot. I wonder if this is solved by plugging all the external drives in and rebooting before I add anything. Should there be a way that ZFS just knows which drive is...
  4. A

    Multiboot on an External

    Hey all. Sorry that my first post is basically a "somebody throw me a line" post...but here goes! :-) I'm currently running 3 OS's (2x linux distributions, 1x windows os) on my laptop. I also connect a 1TB external HD to it. On this External HD, I want to run FreeBSD and likely a couple linux...
  5. G

    FreeBSD 11 hangs on rpi-B

    Hello, I am running the official FreeBSD 11 image on a Raspberry pi B and most of the things seem to work but I had a problem twice recently. My configuration: rpi-b with two externally powered USB disks, connected to my home LAN via ethernet. I also have a screen and a keyboard attached...
  6. B

    Other cannot obtain lock on media/.hal-mtab

    Hello, I installed the Mate desktop on my Freebsd box. As I also work with Linux and Windows systems and also have e-sata devices to read/write external Hard Disks from/for those systems, I have set up my system to be able to mount external Hard Disks with ext4, ntfs, fat etc. according to this...