ext4 mounting

  1. N

    Solved Can't mount ext4 partitions, Input/output error

    Hi. I can't mount ext4 partitions that i created on FreeBSD. I have 2 hard drives that both has one ext4 partition. # mount -t ext2fs /dev/ada1p1 /mnt/ mount: /dev/ada1p1: Input/output error I can mount it with fuse-ext2 command but i can't list the mounted directory. # fuse-ext2 /dev/ada0p1...
  2. StreetDancer

    Solved FreeBSD-13.1-RELEASE - Having difficulties with USB Mounting (EXT4) using fusefs-lkl

    Happy Winter Everyone! I have notes from my FreeBSD 12 RELEASE binder and I was able to use this command and manage ext4 files with my ZFS File Host FreeBSD-RELEASE laptop in the past. Package/Port Installed: # pkg install fusefs-lkl Then load the kernel module "fusefs": # kldload fusefs...