1. Logicien

    How good is ext2fs?

    Hello, since I use FreeBSD I have to mount ext(234) filesystems to access to my linux systems. I prefer to mount those filesystems as read only to advoid some data corruption that occurs. So, how is the support for Extended filesystems? As good than on Linux or worst? If you say it's better I...
  2. sidetone

    Howto: mounting ext4 partitions by using ext2fs, rw access

    More recently, ext2fs that comes in FreeBSD's base is capable of reading and writing ext4 filesystems. It's claimed to work on ext2 and ext3 as well. Previously, sysutils/fusefs-ext2 had to be used, or ext2fs could only mount ext4 as read only. Set the ext2fs driver to be loaded by compiling it...
  3. D

    Other Running <fsck> on [ext4] filesystem.

    After a force restart, the (mounted) [ext4] filesystems became unaccessable, - on FreeBSD-12.1, - using ext2fs kernel module. The [ext4] filesystems became not mountable (by superuser), The error message was: "mount: /dev/... : Operation not permitted" As fsck (standard) does not work on ext...
  4. P

    Need help on porting ext2fs driver

    I am trying to port ext2fs driver to our code-base (which doesn't have OS) I can see that in ext2_vfsops.c file, mount related functions are registered with VFS using VFS_SET I browsed the code, but I am not able to find the exact function call flow for ext2_mount Basically, I want to know...
  5. J

    Other USB 3 and Virtual Box are not compatible with FreeBSD 11.2

    I "installed" the VirtualBox image of FreeBSD 11.2 (thought it was 12, but uname says differently). Setup is 3.5" disk with ext2 file system in USB 2 caddy -> USB 3 hub -> USB 3 port. The hub is then brought into the virtual machine using the device menu item. When the virtual machine is...
  6. T

    Howto mount ext4 (without FUSE), avoiding wrong permissions

    This is going to be short. I write this tutorial, because a lot of tutorials mention ext4fuse. While it works for some things one experiences quite a few oddities. Examples of problems I experienced: everything has only read permissions it is possible cd into non existing directories things...
  7. willbprog127

    Solved Kernel panic when copying from ext4 partition to UFS

    Greetings everyone, I already submitted a bug report for this, (205932) but thought I'd post here anyway. After a fresh, clean install of FreeBSD 10.2 amd64 on modern hardware, before installing any ports or packages, I mounted an ext4 partition read-only from device ada1 on /mnt/adisk on my...