1. ziomario

    I'm looking for a secure ext driver for linux which works great on Freebsd

    Hello. Since I have a lot of disks partitioned and formatted with the ext4 fs,I'm looking for a working ext driver that can I use on Freebsd that gives to me read and write access to those disks. I've found the fuse-ext2 from the ports,but here : https://github.com/alperakcan/fuse-ext2 I can...
  2. B

    Other cannot obtain lock on media/.hal-mtab

    Hello, I installed the Mate desktop on my Freebsd box. As I also work with Linux and Windows systems and also have e-sata devices to read/write external Hard Disks from/for those systems, I have set up my system to be able to mount external Hard Disks with ext4, ntfs, fat etc. according to this...
  3. E

    HOWTO: Mounting ext4 in LVM2

    Hi there! As a FreeBSD newbie I found it hard to find this information (how to mount your Linux ext4 filesystems on LVM2 in FreeBSD) on the interwebs, so I'm posting it here for another clueless Linux convert like me. Prerequisites: FreeBSD 9.0 with ports. I used the amd64 version. The process...