1. J

    Running two Mail Servers (sendmail and exim) on the same server, one in a jail

    I am running FreeBSD 12.1. It has the default sendmail server running. I want to install exim in a jail. I want to have exim connect to my mail server in another state, Texas. All it will do is connect and download the mail. A local mirror if you will. Exim will not sendmail, or act as a...
  2. thomasrc

    exim-mysql wants to remove mariadb101-*

    Hello guys, I'm trying to install exim-mysql package on FreeBSD 10.1 with pkg install exim-mysql, but it wants to remove mariadb101-server and mariadb101-client. What can I do, if I don't want to replace my already installed MariaDB server? Is there any way to solve this?