1. HL1234

    jails How to update a jail /etc with etcupdate?

    How do I update configuration files in a jail ../etc with etcupdate ? I have nothing found in the handbook, either in the Updating nor in the Jails chapter. The jail has no /usr/src/..., so I think I should do it on the host. But what happens with the ../current and the /old folder from...
  2. R

    Resolving conflicts with etcupdate

    I have been running 12/stable and noted that it won't be supported past the end of next year. This does not seem urgent, but it is getting closer. I pulled the source for 13/stable and everything went fine until I rebooted and attempted to run etcupdate -p. When I used etcupdate resolve, with...
  3. HL1234

    etcupdate is not working

    Hello, I have updated to FreeBSD 13.1 with buildkernel installkernel, buildworld and installworld. Now I need to do etcupdate I have done etcupdate -n to see what happens. The output was: U /etc/defaults/devfs.rules U /etc/defaults/periodic.conf U /etc/defaults/rc.conf U...
  4. HL1234

    etcupdate has nothing updated?!

    uname -v FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE #0 releng/13.0-ea31abc26: Sun May 16 14:57:18 CEST 2021 I have read etcupdate carefully. I understand there are different modes. Because I never used it before I have done a bootstarp, but not like it is written in Merging Configuration Files with...
  5. F

    etcupdate(8) vs mergemaster(8)

    Afternoon all, What's the difference between etcupdate and mergemaster? They seem to do very similar things... While most likely not supported, and therefore for 'play' and research purposes only, I'm interested in updating my /etc files from a release/snapshot tarball, but not really sure of...